Los familiares y las amistades ofrecen consejos sobre todo, desde alimentación hasta ropa para tu bebé. Pero, cuando de gas infantil se trata, has venido al lugar correcto.

(English) Pelvic floor health during pregnancy and beyond

(English) Discover the importance of pelvic floor health during and after pregnancy. Learn practical tips for maintaining strength and wellness.

(English) Understanding Postpartum Body Changes and Hormonal Shifts: A Comprehensive Guide

(English) Discover the transformative postpartum journey with our comprehensive guide to postpartum body changes and hormonal shifts.

(English) Guide to Diet and Nutrition While Breastfeeding

(English) A breastfeeding diet can help both mother and baby. Here, Mylicon offers advice on the best foods for breastfeeding and what to avoid while breastfeeding.

(English) Why Some Moms Swear By Hand Expression + Tips and Tricks to Get Started

(English) In this article, we explore why hand expression is favored by moms and provide you with practical tips and tricks to get started with expressing milk by hand.

(English) You’re Pregnant! Now What

(English) Expecting your first child? Learn how to take care of yourself and your growing baby with our expert advice on what to do during pregnancy.

(English) Breastfeeding Advice to Get Better Sleep

(English) Looking for breastfeeding tips to increase breast milk and get more sleep? Mylicon has the advice you need to maintain your supply while getting rest.

(English) Your Baby has Day to Night Confusion: Here’s How to Help

(English) Discover effective strategies to tackle day-to-night confusion in your baby. Learn tips and techniques for better sleep patterns. Help your little one thrive!

(English) Third Trimester Sleep Tips & Advice

Third trimester insomnia is real. If you're struggling with finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, Mylicon has third trimester sleep tips.

(English) How to Burp a Baby + Tips and Tricks for Trapped Gas

(English) Learn the best way to burp a newborn with tips from Mylicon

(English) How to Plan a Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

(English) Your baby’s 1st birthday is here, and it’s time to start planning their first birthday party. In this guide, discover ideas for party themes, food, and more.

(English) How To Prepare Your Kid for a Time Change

(English) Learn how to prepare for Daylight Saving Time with kids. You’ll find bedtime tips that encourage consistent sleep for babies, toddlers, and older children.

(English) Swaddle vs. Sleep Sack: Which Is Right For Your Little One?

(English) The sleep sack vs. swaddle debate isn’t just about comfort—which you use could impact your baby’s safety. Here, learn about key differences between the two.

(English) Mom Brain: Understanding How Motherhood Affects the Mind

(English) Mom brain refers to a forgetfulness that’s associated with motherhood. Here, learn whether mom brain is real and how your brain can be affected postpartum.

(English) 4 Types of Cries & What They Mean

(English) A crying baby can be stressful for both of you. Learn how to interpret your baby's cries, from hunger to tiredness, and what you can do to help your infant.

(English) How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

(English) Unsure if your baby is getting enough milk? Learn what causes a low supply of breast milk and how to increase your breast milk production.

(English) 6 Top Tips for Navigating the Fifth Trimester

(English) What is the fifth trimester? Learn everything you need to know about the fifth trimester, including what to expect and our top tips to help you navigate it.

(English) Prenatal Vitamins 101: Why You Should Take Them and When

(English) Are prenatals different from multivitamins? Learn why prenatal vitamins are important for pregnancy nutrition and when to start taking them.

(English) Baby Playtime Ideas for 16- To 18-Month-Old Toddlers

(English) Your toddler will continue to test their surroundings as they grow. Explore activities for 16- to 18-month-olds to help your child learn and develop.

(English) White Noise Explained: Why It’s Important and How It Can Help

(English) You’re probably familiar with adults using white noise to get to sleep, but it’s also beneficial for infants. Find out everything you need to know with our guide.

(English) How To Play With Your Toddler (19 – 24 months)

(English) Is your child approaching their second birthday? Boost their learning and development with these fun and easy activities for 19- to 24-month-old toddlers.

(English) Breast Milk Storage: The Dos and Don’ts

(English) Find out how to safely store expressed breast milk, what containers to use, and how long breast milk will keep in our guide.

(English) Halloween Candy Safety for Children

(English) Has your child's sweet tooth led to tummy aches? Explore common Halloween candy mistakes as well as safety tips so your kids can enjoy spooky season.

(English) What Is a Dream Feed and How Do You Do It?

(English) A dream feed encourages your baby to sleep longer. In this handy guide, learn more about the benefits of dream feeding, how it works, and if it’s safe.

(English) How To Play With Your Infant (13-15 months)

(English) Your toddler will continue to test their surroundings as they grow. Find helpful activities for 13- to 15-month-olds to help your baby learn and develop.

(English) Managing Mommy Guilt

(English) Mommy guilt is more common than you think. Mylicon offers tips for managing mommy guilt.

(English) Helping Your Baby Latch & Suck Effectively

(English) Breastfeeding can be challenging but these tips will help baby latch and suck effectively.

(English) Sleep Help Guide for New Moms

(English) New parent sleep deprivation comes with the territory. Learn what sleep deprivation is, and how to deal with sleep deprivation after baby arrives.

(English) Baby Playtime Ideas for 10- to 12-month-old Infants

(English) As you prepare for baby’s first birthday, follow these playtime ideas at home with advice from Mylicon.

(English) Tips and Tricks to Get Started Breastfeeding

(English) When it comes to what to know about breastfeeding, there is a lot of information. Here are top breastfeeding tips to get you started.

(English) How to Handle Switching Baby Formula

(English) Are there side effects when changing from breastmilk to formula? Can you switch formula for newborns? Mylicon has advice you need to ease the transition.

(English) Baby Playtime Ideas for 7- to 9-month-old Infants

(English) Baby playtime advice that is fun for parents along with 9-, 8-, and 7-month-old baby activities.

(English) Help! My Baby Hates Tummy Time

(English) Tummy time is key to your baby’s development. Learn what tummy time is, how much tummy time your baby should get, and what to do if your baby hates tummy time.

(English) Playtime: 4 to 6 Months Old

(English) If you’re looking for 4- to 6-month-old activities to do, read all about 4-month baby activities, activities for a 5-month-old, and 6-month-old activities.

(English) What To Expect in Your 2nd Trimester

(English) Your second trimester may be when you feel your best. Discover when the second trimester is, what happens in your second trimester weeks, and possible symptoms.

(English) Playtime: 0 to 3 Months Old

(English) As far as playtime is concerned, you may wonder what to do with a newborn. Learn all about newborn activities with this guide to 0-3-month activities.

(English) Preparing For Your Baby’s 1st Pediatrician Visit

(English) Your first pediatrician visit can be both exciting and intimidating. Prepare for your baby’s first checkup with first pediatrician visit questions and more.

(English) Are Pacifiers Good For Babies?

(English) A baby pacifier has major benefits and also a few drawbacks. Discover the pros and cons of a pacifier, including if you can use a pacifier for a breastfed baby.

(English) Healthy Snacking & Food Traps To Avoid

(English) Snack time can easily disrupt mealtime. Learn what are good snacks for toddlers, including healthy toddler snacks on-the-go and toddler hacks.

(English) Yes, There’s a 4th Trimester—Here’s How To Navigate It

(English) The 4th trimester can be a challenging time. Learn what the 4th trimester is, what to expect, and tips for surviving the 4th trimester.

(English) What To Expect in Your 3rd Trimester

(English) The third trimester of your pregnancy is full of change and transformation. Find out what to expect in the third trimester including third trimester symptoms.

(English) Nursery Organization Tips & Hacks

(English) The right nursery organization can save time and energy. Discover clever ways to organize your nursery items and learn nursery organization hacks along the way.

(English) Dos & Don’t of Caring for Your Kid’s Teeth (Including the Loose Ones)

(English) Proper baby teeth care can set your kid up for a healthy smile for years to come. Learn how to care for your child’s teeth and discover our baby teeth loss chart.

(English) Ouchy Wowchy! How To Treat Diaper Rash

(English) Diaper rash is a common, uncomfortable, and even painful condition. Learn the different diaper rash types, what causes diaper rash, and diaper rash treatments.

(English) Is Your Kid Lactose Intolerant or Allergic to Milk?

(English) Lactose intolerance symptoms may look like a milk allergy. Learn what lactose intolerance signs are, and how you can help relieve—and avoid—them.

(English) Signs & Treatment of Postpartum Depression

(English) Postpartum depression affects one in eight women. Learn what postpartum depression symptoms look like and how you can get help with postpartum treatment.

(English) Finding the Right Pediatrician for Your Baby

(English) How soon you should find a pediatrician when pregnant may surprise you. Discover how to find the right pediatrician and first pediatrician questions to ask.

(English) Common GI Issues During Pregnancy

(English) Stomach issues during pregnancy are common. Find out what might be causing pregnancy constipation, diarrhea while pregnant, or an upset stomach while pregnant.

(English) Pregnancy Brain & Its Hidden Benefits

(English) Is pregnancy brain a real thing? Here, we’re explaining what baby brain is, what causes pregnancy brain, and how you manage it.

(English) Sweet Retreat: Replacing Sugar With Healthy Options

(English) Kids’ holiday treats are packed with sugar. But too much sugar can be bad for your child’s health. Learn how to limit sugar and find healthy candy alternatives.

(English) Teething Tips To Help Soothe Your Baby

(English) Your baby’s first tooth can be exciting, but teething symptoms can also include teething pain. Read our teething guide for teething tips and teething remedies.

(English) Activities To Avoid While Pregnant—Plus, Ones To Enjoy

(English) There are many things to avoid during pregnancy. Here, learn what they are, why you should refrain, and what pregnancy-friendly activities you can safely enjoy.

(English) The Dos and Don’ts of Nursery Room Safety

(English) Accidents happen fast. Ensure your baby’s safety with this nursery checklist on baby room safety, crib safety, safe sleep for babies, and more.

(English) The Secret No One Is Talking About—Postpartum Anxiety

(English) Postpartum anxiety is more common than you may know. Learn about postpartum anxiety symptoms, postpartum anxiety causes, and postpartum anxiety treatment here.

(English) Sleep Regression 101—Plus, Tips & Tricks To Help

(English) Sleep regression can disrupt both your and your kid’s lives—but it’s normal in child development. Learn how to identify and help sleep regression in babies and toddlers.

(English) Potty Training Dos & Don’ts

(English) Potty training your toddler can be both an exciting and challenging time. Check out our potty training guide to learn potty training tips, as well as what not to do.

(English) Your Birth Plan Checklist & Template

(English) Having a birth plan in place for you and your little one’s big arrival can help everyone involved. Learn how to create a birth plan checklist and what to include.

(English) Toddler & Child Sleep Guide

(English) Getting your older child or toddler to sleep can be a challenge. Learn all about child sleep and toddler sleep, plus get tips on toddler sleep training.

(English) Food Allergies In Kids—Plus, How To Prevent Them

(English) Food allergies in kids can be challenging to manage. Learn all about food allergies in babies—including how to identify, manage, and help prevent them.

(English) What You Can & Can’t Eat & Drink While Pregnant

(English) The list of dos and don’ts during pregnancy can be overwhelming. Here, we break down dietary things to avoid during pregnancy—and what you can have.

(English) Labor & Delivery Must-Haves

(English) Preparing for labor and delivery can be overwhelming. Try easing your mind by being prepared with our hospital bag checklist.

(English) 10 Tips For Going Back To Work

(English) Going back to work can be challenging for both you and your child. Here’s how to smooth the transition back to work after baby for you both.

(English) Your Guide To Healthy Baby Sleep

(English) Baby sleep is your infant’s primary activity. Learn how much sleep babies need, how long babies sleep, and 9 tips to help them snooze through the night.

(English) Nursery Must-Haves: Your Guide To The Best Baby Room

(English) Preparing a nursery for your baby can be a ton of fun. Gather all of the adorable and practical necessities with our baby nursery checklist.

(English) Development Milestones From Ages 2 To 11

(English) Development milestones for kids ages 2 to 11 cover a lot of ground. Here, we’re discussing what these specific child milestones are and what each phase entails.

(English) How To Prepare Your Child For a New Baby

(English) A new baby can throw an older child’s life into chaos. Here, we discuss preparing for baby and how to help prevent and manage newborn jealousy.

(English) 5 Ways To Help Your Kid’s Separation Anxiety

(English) Separation anxiety can be challenging for both you and your kid. Here are 5 ways to help your separation anxiety child, and 4 for you too!

(English) Does My Baby Actually Need a Feeding Schedule?

(English) Baby feeding schedules are a common concept. But should you really worry about creating one for your baby? We’ll explain.

(English) Introducing Your Baby To Solid Food

(English) Introducing solid food to your baby can be an exciting time for you both. Learn how to make the most out of mealtime and help your infant adapt to solid foods.

(English) Demystified: Infant Colic vs. Gas

(English) Baby colic and infant gas can be hard to tell apart. Learn what the symptoms and causes of colic vs. gas are ahead.

(English) Different Positions For Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding

(English) Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, there are benefits to holding them in certain positions at mealtime. Here, find out what they are.

(English) Development Milestones In Your Baby’s First 18 Months

(English) Infant developmental milestones advance every few months. Here, learn all about your baby’s stages of development in their first 18 months.

(English) Have a Picky Eater at Home? Try These 12 Tips

(English) Children that are picky eaters can be challenging at mealtime. Try these 12 tips to get healthy food for picky eaters into your child’s belly.

(English) Infant Gas Causes & Prevention

(English) Learn what causes infant gas, including common food and lifestyle triggers, as well as how to help prevent trapped gas from forming in the first place.

(English) How To Give Your Baby a Massage

(English) Baby massage can benefit your infant in many ways. Learn how to do six techniques to help your baby’s gas, digestion, colic, and more.

(English) Your Diaper Bag Checklist

(English) Diaper bags are your ticket to freedom when you have a baby and/or young child. Find out what diaper bag essentials you need in your baby bag with our checklist.

(English) When Kids’ Tummy Trouble Is Actually Stress

(English) Many things can be behind your kid’s tummy issues, and sometimes stress and tummy aches go hand-in-hand. Learn how to identify stomach stress ahead.

(English) How To Calm Your Crying & Fussy Baby

(English) It’s difficult to see your crying baby. Here, we’re letting you in on 8 techniques to help calm your fussy baby (and help relieve you, too!).

(English) Surprising Mind & Body Benefits of Baby Massage

(English) Massage can benefit your baby in more ways than one. Learn how baby massage can help relieve gas and promote social, motor, and intellectual development ahead.

(English) Why Babies Benefit From Probiotics

(English) Probiotics’ benefits for babies go beyond their bellies. Learn all about how and why infant probiotics can help your little one, too.

(English) How To Relieve Infant Gas

(English) Baby gas can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for both parents and babies. Ahead, we share how to recognize and treat infant gas.

(English) Gripe Water vs Gas Drops: The Difference

(English) Discover the difference between gripe water and gas drops in relieving infant gas. Make an informed choice with our comparison guide.

(English) Common Causes of Stomach Discomfort In Kids

(English) Discover the common causes of stomach pain in kids. Learn how to identify and manage childhood abdominal discomfort.