Children’s Mylicon – Tummy Relief for Kids

Which Children’s Mylicon® product is right for my child?

The Gas Relief product is specifically for bloating and pressure caused by gas. The Tummy Relief product treats gas, upset tummies, and discomfort from acid indigestion and overeating.

What’s the difference between the two products?

Both products contain the #1 doctor recommended ingredient for an anti-gas medicine, simethicone. The Tummy Relief formula also contains an antacid, calcium carbonate.

How do they work?

For fast relief of gas-related discomfort, the anti-gas ingredient gently breaks down air bubbles trapped in your child’s stomach and intestines. To relieve heartburn and indigestion, the antacid in the Tummy Relief product quickly neutralizes stomach acid.

How is the Tummy Relief product different from other children’s antacid products?

This product is a multi-symptom formula. Other children’s antacids do not address the painful symptoms caused by gas.

Is my child old enough for Children’s Mylicon® products?

Both products are specially formulated for children ages 2 to 11. See the package labels for dosing based on age and weight.

Can these products interact with other medications?

If your child takes any other medications, you should consult your child’s doctor or pharmacist first. The Tummy Relief product may interact with certain prescription medicines.

Do Children’s Mylicon® products contain nuts, wheat, or gluten?

No. They do not contain any peanuts, tree nuts, wheat products, or gluten.

Do they contain lactose, milk, or any milk derivatives?

No. They do not contain any dairy or dairy derivative products.

Do they contain preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavors?

Children’s Mylicon® products use only preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavors that are safe and approved for use in food and drug products.

Do they contain sugar?

Children’s Mylicon® products contain small amounts of dextrose and sucralose to help improve flavor.