All About Infant Gas

Could gas be making my baby fussy?

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Three out of four babies suffer from painful infant gas. Gas bubbles can often cause discomfort, leading to crankiness and crying. Many babies suffering from infant gas pull their legs up, lying in a curled position, in an effort to relieve the discomfort. Infants’ Mylicon® Drops can provide safe, effective relief for your baby’s gas.

Common signs of infant gas

  • Your baby is crying even though you’ve already changed and fed him.
  • Your baby has a hard time burping or spits up a lot.
  • Your baby is kicking/pumping his legs.
  • Your baby’s belly looks bloated or full.
  • You’ve tried more than one bottle/nipple type.
  • You’ve switched formulas to help with fussiness.
If you are unsure or if your baby has a fever, it could be something more serious than gas, so talk to your healthcare professional.

How can I minimize my baby's chances of getting infant gas?

  • Avoid gassy foods such as beans, bran, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, caffeine and onions while you are nursing. These can cause your infant to get gas.
  • Avoid feeding your baby cow’s milk, as it can cause infant gas. Talk to your pediatrician about other options.
  • Make sure the nipple is the right size if you are bottle-feeding. If the nipple is too large, it will make your baby eat too fast; if it’s too small, it will cause your baby to gulp air.
  • Burp your baby every one to two ounces during feedings or before switching breasts, if nursing.
  • Burp your baby up against your shoulder, face down across your lap or sitting upright on your lap, supporting her head and chest as you gently pat her back.
  • Avoid jostling or playing vigorously with your baby after feedings.
  • Encourage quiet time after your baby eats.
  • If your baby is prone to getting gas, don’t forget, Mylicon is safe enough to give with every feeding*.
*Use only as directed; do not exceed 12 doses per day.

How can I relieve my baby’s gas?

  • Hold your baby gently, but securely, over your arm in a face-down position, known as the “gas hold.”
  • Give your baby Mylicon Gas Relief Gas Drops to break down gas bubbles.

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