MYLICON® and gas is gone.

Help! My baby is crying.

When your baby arrives, crying comes with the territory. You try changing, feeding and comforting her, but your baby is still crying. You're not alone. Listen to other moms share their experiences with infant gas and MYLICON®


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"The worst feeling in the world is knowing that your child is unhappy or sad or uncomfortable."

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Crying is your baby’s way of letting you know something’s wrong. One reason could be gas. In fact, three out of four infants’ suffer from painful infant gas.


Give your baby comfort with Infants' MYLICON®. It's made specifically to relieve baby gas, and Infants' MYLICON® is safe to use at every feeding.*

Infants’ MYLICON® Drops contains

  • no saccharin
  • no alcohol
  • no artificial flavors

* Use only as directed. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.