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Infant Gas

Could gas be making my baby fussy?

Three out of 4 babies suffer from painful infant gas. Gas bubbles can often cause discomfort, leading to crankiness and crying. Many babies suffering from infant gas pull their legs up, lying in a curled position in an effort to relieve the discomfort. Infants' MYLICON® Drops can provide safe, effective relief for your baby’s gas.

*Use only as directed. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.

What are the common signs of infant gas?

  • Your baby is crying even though you’ve already changed and fed her.
  • Your baby has a hard time burping or spits up a lot.
  • Your baby is kicking/pumping her legs.
  • Your baby’s belly looks bloated or full.
  • You’ve tried more than one bottle/nipple type.
  • You’ve switched formulas to help with fussiness.

*If you are unsure, or if your baby has a fever, it could be something more serious than gas, so talk to your healthcare professional.

How Can I minimize my baby's chances of getting infant gas?

  • Avoid "gassy" foods such as beans, bran, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, caffeine, and onions while you are nursing. These can cause your infant to get gas.
  • Avoid feeding your baby cow's milk, as it can cause infant gas.Talk to your pediatrician about other options.
  • Make sure the nipple is the right size if you are bottle-feeding. If the nipple is too large, it will make your baby eat too fast; if it's too small, it will cause your baby to gulp air.
  • Burp your baby every one to two ounces during feedings, or before switching breasts if nursing.
  • Burp your baby up against your shoulder, face down across your lap, or sitting upright on your lap, supporting her head and chest as you gently pat her back
  • Avoid jostling or playing vigorously with your baby after feedings.
  • Encourage quiet time after your baby eats.
  • If your baby is prone to getting gas, don't forget, MYLICON®-Brand is
    safe enough to give with every feeding*.

* Use only as directed. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.

How can I relieve my baby’s gas?

  • Hold your baby gently, but securely, over your arm in a face-down position, known as the "gas hold."  
  • Give your baby an anti-gas medicine to break down gas bubbles.


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Pediatricians choose Infants' MYLICON® Drops for safe and effective relief of infant gas. Infants' MYLICON® Drops work gently to break down gas bubbles in minutes and are safe because they are not absorbed into your baby’s system.

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